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What determines the gloss of shanxi black granite?

What determines the gloss of shanxi black granite?

Stone is made up of a variety of minerals. The composition of marble is relatively simple. It is mainly composed of calcite (CaCO3) and dolomite (MgCaCO3). Granite is much more complex, so the gloss expressed by various minerals that make up granite is also the average gloss of mineral aggregates. .
The gloss of the stone has theoretical gloss, polishable gloss and actual polished gloss. In principle, the theoretical gloss can be obtained through the calculation of the absorption, reflection, and refraction of light by minerals; the polishability can be considered in weathering of stone, density of tissue structure, discoloration, crushing of mica, etc. The factors that affect the glossiness of the stone are calculated and calculated; and the actual glossiness of polishing is the glossiness obtained through the actual operation. Among them, in addition to the natural factors of the stone, it can be said that there are many artificial factors. Such as the method of construction grinding, the result of the construction grinding, the degree of drying of the stone recrystallized and hardened sheet, the environmental temperature of the stone recrystallization hardening, the method of recrystallization hardening of the stone and the selection of the crystal hardener, and the like. The presence of all these uncertain factors more or less affects the result of recrystallization hardenability of the stone to varying degrees.
Therefore, the theoretical gloss of the stone> the polished gloss of the stone, the polishable stone of the stone> the actual polished gloss of the stone.
The theoretical gloss of stone
The theoretical gloss of stone is calculated based on the theoretical glossiness of the various components of the stone and the percentage of each mineral in a stone.
Polishable gloss of stone
The polishability of the stone can be determined according to the theoretical gloss G of the stone, the secondary change and the degree of weathering X1, and the percentage X2 of biotite in the rock according to the formula G0=G-9.022840099X1-39.5580585X2-2.246338073.
From the stone's mineral structure, the grain size affects the gloss of the stone. The larger the crystal grain size, the lower the gloss obtained and the worse the polishing performance. The more uniform the crystal particles are, the better the polishing performance of the stone is. The difference of gloss in different measuring directions of the polished surface of the stone is also existed, namely, the gloss has directionality, and the consistency of the polished surface of the medium and fine-grain stone is better in different directions, and the gloss of the polished surface of the stone is improved. Differences in different directions are decreasing.

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