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Chinese black granite gravestone making process

Chinese black granite gravestone making process

We usually see granite tombstones on the cemetery in the ground are made of natural Huayangang. There are many and many granite rock formations in the world, so there will be many and many granite quarries.
In these quarries, large blocks of granite are extracted by drilling, blasting, and sawing.
Blocks will be transported to processing plants and cut and polished into a variety of different materials such as construction materials, furniture, and granite tombstones. When used as memorial sculptures, skilled craftsmen and artists use modern technology to create a work of art for memorable people.
To make a granite tombstone, first cut the granite to a specified size and do the corresponding polishing.
In most cases, the engraving surface needs to be polished.
An artist first engraves design and text on a template made of rubber, and then attaches the template to the surface of a granite tombstone with an adhesive. These designs and text are usually engraved on the template by a sculpting domestic utility knife. Today, many companies use computers for lettering to provide more accurate and more effective services.
Workers use high pressure and special sand to spray the granite through the nozzles of the hose. The blasting sand erodes the tombstone surface at a very high rate in a pressure environment. Surfaces covered by abrasives on granite tombstones are well protected. Patterns and words are revealed.

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