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Differentiating the Color Lines and Spots of Black Tombstones in Shanxi

Differentiating the Color Lines and Spots of Black Tombstones in Shanxi

The color lines and stains in the black tombstones in Shanxi are formed by the local enrichment of certain minerals or the entrapment of other minerals during the process of formation or during the later period of the rock, and are expressed as bands in the Taibaiqing Stone. In the form of nodules or nodules, the main minerals are quartz and dark minerals such as biotite and hornblende; quartz forms quartz veins in rocks, appears mainly in white strips in stone, and dark colors such as biotite and amphibole. Minerals in the stone are formed in different ways so that they form a strip or nodule.
In addition to the rare colors, the black tombstones in Shanxi Province can be used to form special patterns and are used by people. In stone, they are defective due to their different colors and stone colors. The line and stained stone will seriously affect the decorative effect. At the same time, due to the different mineral composition of the color line and stain and the main mineral composition of the stone, the stress concentration area will be formed on both sides of the color line or stain, or around the stone. Cracks or cracks are easily generated in these places.
The color lines and stains formed by the dark-color mineral biotite cannot produce a smooth surface due to its special sheet structure during the stone grinding and polishing process. Therefore, in the evaluation of the quality of stone, color lines and stains are the first to be proposed, and it is also the easiest to identify according to the above characteristics.
Whether or not the surface of black tombstone in Shanxi is waxed
In some small Shanxi black gravestone processing plants, in order to save costs, they have to make their own stone to achieve high gloss. On the one hand, they reduce the grinding and polishing process of the stone and shorten the processing time. On the other hand, they finish the stone polishing process. After the surface of the stone is marked with a thin layer of paraffin, so that some pits and streaks on the surface of the stone can be covered, which increases the surface finish of the stone and improves the gloss of the stone.
However, such waxed Shanxi black tombstones will soon show rough processing and affect their decorative effect. So how to identify this waxed Taibaiqing stone? It can be touched by hand, waxed stone surface has a greasy feeling, and we can ignite a match on the stone surface baking, waxing the stone surface is There will be a small drop of paraffin oil.

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