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The difference between marble and shanxi black granite

The difference between marble and shanxi black granite

Marble is a metamorphic or deposited carbonate rock. Well-organized, solid, polished, with a wide variety of colors, beautiful natural colors, and less radiation. Because it is not resistant to weathering, it is less used outdoors, and its general durability is 150 years.

shanxi black granite

Granite is a magmatic rock. Its main components are feldspar, quartz and mica. Its characteristics are dense structure, high hardness, wear resistance, pressure resistance, fire resistance and corrosion resistance, and it has certain radiation. The patterns are uniform grained and luminous mica particles, and their general durability is 200 years.
The difference between the use of marble and granite
Overall evaluation, marble is more attractive, and granite is more resistant. In general, marble is soft and easy to seeper. It requires regular maintenance and is not very easy to handle. However, due to its rich patterns, soft colors and other advantages, after the laying of a good treatment will appear higher grade, rich and gorgeous. In general, home use is more suitable. Granite hardness, and better maintenance. However, it gives people a feeling of coldness, which is generally used on the ground and walls in outdoor or public areas.
Hardness difference between marble and granite
The hardness of stone is calculated in Mohs hardness. Because marble generally contains impurities, Mohs hardness is 3 to 5.

Difference between marble and shanxi black granite supplier colors
Pure marble is often snowy, containing impurities, showing black, red, yellow, green and other colors, and the formation of a variety of patterns, spots, the shape of mountains and rivers, flowers like jade, the pattern is beautiful, granite is the most application of history The longest, most versatile, most used rock. The color of granite is generally light-colored, gray, gray, light gray, red, red meat, etc. are more common.

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