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What Is Black Granite

There are several varieties of black granite slabs available with absolute black and black pearl being among the most common. Both varieties of black granite come from India. Absolute black granite is jet black and consistent with its color and texture while black pearl granite has dark grey in the color as well as flecks of silver mica. Each variety can add an interesting dynamic to a kitchen or bathroom design.

Why Black Granite
Not many homeowners choose black granite for their kitchens or bathrooms. Successfully incorporating black granite into your remodel can give the space a unique look and feel. One of the draws of black granite countertops is that they create a sense of depth from the lack of color. The presence of black granite can also help accentuate other colors used in your kitchen or bathroom design. Another draw to black pearl granite specifically is the contrast of the silver mica on the black stone which looks like stars in the night sky. Choosing granite colors is ultimately a matter of personal taste. If you want to add depth and create a unique look, you should consider black granite options.

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