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Fluorite lump and powder CaF2 93%-95%

Chemical Name: Fluorite
Molecular Formula:CaF2
Molecular Weight:
CAS No.: 7789-75-5
Usually found as isometric cubic crystals, or massive formation. It is a staple in one`s stones used for determining hardness of other stones in the field, because of its rating of 4. Fluorite is relatively soft stone, and can scratch or chip easily. It occurs in a variety of colors, including colorless, green etc.
Our chief mineral products are acid-grade fluorspar powder, metallurgical grade fluorite ore block, fluorspar lump, calcium fluoride, etc.
(A)Acid Grade:

For extracting the element of fluorine, this grade is the unique material with the highest possible fluorine contents, Hydrofluoric acid and fluoride, produced with the fluorspar as materials, are widely used by such industries as chemicals and aluminium smelting etc. And in the manufacture of freezing mixture and disinfectant as well as in glass carving. With the development of industry, fluoroplastics have been widely used in the industrial fields.
Specifications: CaF2 97%min.
(B)Ceramic Grade:
In glass and ceramic industries, this grade is one of the major materials for manufacturing opal, coloured and opaque glass.
Specifications: CaF2 93%-95%
Fineness: Through 100 mesh
(C)Metallurgical Grade:
When used as a flux for smelting metals, this grade can reduce from the metals such impurities as silicon, sulphur, phosphorus etc. to the suitable contents, and can aslo enhance the fluidity of the slag.
Specifications: CaF2 75%-90%
Sizes: In lumps.

Fe2O3%(max) .60.60.6

Fluorite powder supplier from China manufacturer for fluorspar priceFluorite powder supplier from China manufacturer for fluorspar price

Fluorite powder supplier from China manufacturer for fluorspar priceFluorite powder supplier from China manufacturer for fluorspar price

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