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Purity Barite for Oil Drilling

Detailed Product Description
Barium Sulfate Precipitated is white powder or ointment made by chemic sedimentation method, which has an advantage in physical capability, less mechanical impurity and symmetrical granularity. It has high density and good filling ability, it is the upper product that compares with the same kinds in quality in the state. It has good dispersion, highly whiteness, excellent light fastness, and acid-resistant. It has an outstanding fire retardant, electric insulation, chemical inertness and middle surface area. It is functional filler and pigment which has good dispersive and affinity with other media. It could absorb X-radial and Y-radial and endow material with high density and the luster of surface.

Specification in Drilling Fluid and Chemical Industry

Barite Ore Powder Physical analysis

1,Outward appearance: Colorless rhombic system white powder
3,Average grain diameter(um):0.9~1.2
4,Sieves -odd thing (325mesh):Tr
5,BET Surface:12000+/-200
6,Moisture: ≤0.22%
7,PH value: 7~8.5
8,Specific gravity:≥4.35
9,Absorbed Oil:17.0~21.0 %
10,105°C volatile matter :≤ 0.5

Oil drilling1. Density≥4.2g/cm3
2. Fineness-200mesh ≥97% ;
-325mesh 85%~90%;
3. Water soluble0.1%
4. BaSO4≥90%.
Chemical industryGradeBaSO4/%SiO2/%Fe2O3/%AI2O3/%Water soluble salt /%
Grade 195<1.5<0.5<1<0.3
Grade 290<2.5<1.5<2<1.0
Grade 385<2.5<1.5<2<1.0

Specification in Coating , Rubber Filling, Common Glass and Lithopone

BaSO4/%CaCO3/%Fe2O3/%Size / mesh
Coating90~95-0.05<325High whiteness
Rubber filling>98<0.36microscale<325No content of Mn, Cu and Pb
Common Glass>96<0.1<0.260SiO2<1.5%,AI2O3<0.15%
Lithopone95~98-<1-SiO2<1%,less AI2O3

Barite for Drilling Fluid Additives/HGH Purity Barite for Oil Drilling with Density 4.2 4.25

Barite for Drilling Fluid Additives/HGH Purity Barite for Oil Drilling with Density 4.2 4.25

Barite for Drilling Fluid Additives/HGH Purity Barite for Oil Drilling with Density 4.2 4.25

Storage And Shipping of BaSO4
1.Our products are kept in dry and ventilating place.
2.It avoids moisture, water, rain and fire and also avoids shipment with acid, alkali class, edible orange mix of chemicals.


Q: How long have your company run on mines and minerals exporting business?
A: We have 20 years focusing on mines and minerals field and 15 years exporting experience.

Q: Where are your main clients from?
A: 40% Europe , 20% America, 20% mid east and Eastern Asia respectively.

Q: After an order is placed, when to deliver?
A: It depends on whether the products you buy has inventory. If we have inventory, generally we can arrange shipment after receipt of payment 2 to 3 days. If not, it will be decided by the time of the factory production.

Q: How about your factory ?
A: Our factory 's location is in Lingshou city which famous for mining and minerals resource. Talc and magnesium ore are the most advantage products. The quality is in the frontline of world. We guarantee our products would be your best choice.

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